We’re just about at the one year mark of setting out on our new lives as full time travelers and I’m feeling more than a little burnt out from vlogging. I’ve had some time these last few weeks to reflect on last year and figure out how not to feel this way at the end of 2019. These are my thoughts.

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Travel insurance is a complex subject and should be apart of your research before heading anywhere. We wrote a comprehensive blog here to give you the tools to make a decision. Our recommendation is World Nomads.

We don’t really go anywhere without a Lonely Planet guidebook.

For our comprehensive guide on how to support local people, travel responsibly, and have a great time doing it, click here.

Joel & Beth

We're two lifelong, wandering nomads who make videos and blogs about our travels. We try to connect with, support and understand local people while learning about how history impacts them. We also love a good meal and learning about how food impacts culture. We hope you love what you're watching and reading so much that you shut your laptop, grab your bag, and come and explore this beautiful, delicate planet.

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Kelley · 14th January 2019 at 12:35 pm

Thanks for your vlog and blog – both very enjoyable. I will continue to read your blog as your vlog is on break. Safe travels

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